05 January 2009

We've come a long way, baby.

15-MB Hard Disk Drive, only $2495 (plus installation kit)

About that time, my dad bought me a 128K 5.25" floppy disk for $2.50. The local library would let patrons reserve their Apple II for 30 minutes at day, but if no one else came in and asked to use it the librarians would let me sit there until closing time or until my mother called and asked them to tell me I missed dinner, whichever came first. I was usually writing stories with the word processor or writing BASIC programs that did math or beeped. Good times, before the Internet Age. I'd never let a kid sit in front of a library computer for hours in the Internet Age.

Last summer I bought a "marketing terabyte" (only 993GB) external hard drive for around $300, USB cable included.

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