24 January 2009

Descent into madness!

And penury. I was laid off yesterday, and frankly, I'm not very good at using large blocks of unscheduled time in a productive fashion. Especially when activities that involve spending money are off the table.

The last time I got laid off I spiraled into a depression to the point where I could barely get up and get dressed and go get food, and after about nine months no one would lend me money to sit around watching cable all day, so I had to put my stuff in storage and live in my sister's basement. I found a good job in Milwaukee, and my mom lent me the money to move out here. I'd like to avoid this, since I have more stuff now, and the cat is still pissed about spending two months in a cage in my sister's garage...and my credit score hasn't recovered, and it's really embarrassing to try to explain that hole in my life.

The GOOD news is that since I'm no longer behind Websense most of my waking hours, I can blog randomly and frequently. It's occurred to me that this could be an excellent record of stuff I plan and stuff I do, as a way to keep an eye on my mental health.

Of course, I don't plan to do anything different between now and Monday morning, although tonight when I'm not-sleeping I might look through the old hard drive for my resume, instead of trying to re-create it.

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